Whenever flying our AZHPA sites and areas, you need to be a club member. Additionally, if you are flying our city sites (Shaw Butte and/or South Mountain), you also have to read and sign the PHX Parks and Recreation Dept. Liability Waiver.





STEP ONE: Account information:

Upon clicking SUBMIT you will be taken to the Membership Level options (PayPal) page

NOTE: Even though we use PayPal to process payments, you do not have to create a PayPal account to pay or to become an AZHPA member. You will still have to enter your contact information just like with any online credit card purchase, but you only have to create an account if you want to save that information for future PayPal purchases. If you already have a PayPal account with a balance, you can pay that way if you choose.

USHPA ENDORSEMENTS: Do you have "TUR, RLF and/or CL" USHPA special skills endorsements? These are required for some of our flying sites (visit our flying site guidelines). Our local instructors will be happy to help you verify these skills.

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