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Arizona is a big state with both dense urban areas and wide open rural regions both inhospitable and remote. Desert heat, mountain snow and cold, flash flooding and dangerous wildlife are all possibilities. Know your route and make sure others know your plans. Know and respect the different types of land ownership.


Most cross country pilots in Arizona utilize the XCFind service to post their current track and to help with retrieves. You'll need a SPOT or InReach with an active subscription in order to use this service. Ask to be added to the XCFind Arizona Tracking Group if you live in the state: email David Wheeler at the email listed on the bottom left of the XC Find page, and consider an annual donation for this service. Turn on device tracking when flying and make sure your driver and an emergency contact knows how to find your track on the internet. Tracking can also be set up using several Smart Phone apps or GSM enabled Instruments.

Popular routes

Turn on the "Skyways" option under the "Thermals" box on the XC Planner website app to see historical tracks around the state over the years. But make sure you talk to an experienced local pilot before venturing out into the unknown. Arizona has a wealth of cross-country knowledge and some epic flights have been sent to the record books in recent years. See below.


Arizona has a lot of wide open spaces but that doesn't necessarily mean all of it is Class G and Class E. We have a lot of restricted military airspace and MOAs, besides our big city airports and regional airports. More on airspace on our Flying Weather page and our individual Site Guides.

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